New Bhandal Transport operates 24 hours a day,7 days a week and provides the advantage and flexibility to deliver direct cost saving solutions to our valued customers. We believe our vast experience, hardwork, dedication, innovative ideas and knowledge of the special and changing needs of the shipper and professional drivers make us valuable resources in the market place. We deliver the best transportation solution in Ontario. Our terminal facility is equipped with a 24- hour surveillance video system and floodlights.

    New Bhandal Transport has its own large storage space for all kinds of containers and is equipped with TOP LIFTING STACKER MACHINES, Power points, Chassis of all sizes, Trailers and Fleets of Trucks.

    It is our priority to store your containers safely and to deliver on time where they need to go.The import/export market face challenges everyday where timing is critical,penalties are enormous and storage costs are even humongous. New Bhandal Transport working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the advantage to working with our flexibility is to deliver cost saving solutions to our customers.


Our mission is to give our client's solutions to their logistics needs.This paves the way for our client's to focus on what is truly important to them.We are committed to provide the most timely and cost effective services to our clients.We will continue to achieve this by communicating with our clients and striving to exceed our client's expectations through hard work,dedication,innovative ideas and team work..


We envision a highest level of client's satisfaction where NBT and shipping clients come together in the most mutually beneficial ways…

An environment where a client's service and price requirements are optimally matched.